Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (and other veggies)


Learning about giant pumpkin contest winners.

Tidy Tuesday: Seafood Production and Consumption


Understanding global cephalopod production.

Registered Nurses in the United States and Territories


Understanding wages for Registered Nurses.

How to Network in a Non-slimy Way

Use your curiosity to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Underrated Tidyverse Functions

Learn about our assignment to teach the `tidyverse` to each other.

Getting LearnR tutorials to run on

Getting Shiny, LearnR, and to play together nicely.

Tidy Tuesday: Crop Production


Understanding crop production across the world.

Sentiment analysis of Avatar


Understanding Characters through Avatar Episode Scripts.

Coffee Data Exploration


Understanding coffee production and consumption across the world.

Animal Crossing


Looking at the unique animal personalities in Animal Crossing.

Notes on the RStudio Instructor Training Experience

Notes on the RStudio Instructor Training and certification exams.

Package Building: How `DESCRIPTION`, `NAMESPACE`, `roxygen`, and `devtools::document` work together


Some thoughts the package building process and how `devtools::document()` is at the center of it..

Reframing Impostor Syndrome as the Road to Mastery

Some thoughts about impostor syndrome.

Shiny and Tidyeval Part 1


How do you incorporate tidyeval and shiny together?

Turning down the noise

More information about managing depression and anxiety.

group_by/summarize: Not just for numeric values!


Learn some more about the many uses of `group_by()`/`summarize()`.

What We learned teaching Python to Neuroscience Students

Our team-taught class introducing Neuroscience Graduate Program students to Python.

So You've Accidentally Checked in a Large File Into Git

git hell

Don't panic. I'll show you how to scrub your Git history and get rid of it.

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