Why Shiny Modules

Lightning talk for PDX-R Shiny Happy Hour on why to use Shiny Modules.

Using gRatitude to learn the `tidyverse` together

My lightning talk for Cascadia-R 2021 talking about our tidyverse assignment.

Conversations about Sleep: Clinical Data Wrangling

Talk given for AMIA Informatics Educators Meeting about our clinical data wrangling workshop.

Psychological Safety

Slides talking about the importance of psychological safety and codes of conduct in the classroom.

The MD in .Rmd: Teaching Clinicians Analytics using R

A talk given for R/Medicine 2020 about our Data Analytics course.

Data Storytelling

Learn about tailoring your visualization to an audience through reducing cognitive load.

Object Oriented Systems in R

A short description of the post.

Data Scavenger Hunt: Exploring Data Together

Talk for CSV Conf 2019 about the {burro} package.

System Science and Data Science

How are System Science and Data Science connected?

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