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Life After Academia

After 3 months leaving academia, how am I doing?

Moving On and Upwards

I'm leaving OHSU. The reasons why.

Updated Blog

Reasons why I moved over to {distill} for my blog.

Setting Boundaries and Saying No


How saying no can be the best self-care.

Kindness at the Cost of Yourself


Being overdrawn at the bank of kindness and self-care.

Burning Out and Recovering (slowly)

How I'm recovering from burnout.

Rstudio Conf 2019: Education and Organizations


Some notes about RStudioConf 2019.

Things we learned teaching clinical data wrangling


More information about managing depression and anxiety.

Asking for help to get better

Learning more about managing burnout.

Cascadia-R 2018: How we planned it and the reasons why


More information about the 2018 Cascadia-R conference.

Self Care and Self Compassion in Academia

Why self-care is important in academia.

A Introvert's Survival Guide to Conferences


Are you an introvert? Here's how to make conferences easier.

Health Informatics Course Materials


Links to my lectures for our HSMP410 course.

A Simple Intro to Genome Wide Association


Notes on our preprint about synthetic clinical data.

Data Science and Systems Science


A talk about how system science and data science are connected.

A gRadual Introduction to Shiny


An workshop introduction to Shiny

If you want to talk with me for an informational interview


I get a lot of requests for informational interviews. Here's how to actually get one.

Using Synthetic Data for Teaching Data Science

Notes on our preprint about synthetic clinical data.

Notes on Open Data Science Conference West 2017

Some notes on ODSC West 2017.

Interesting useR 2017 Talks

useR 2017 talks and links.

How to Not Be Afraid of Your Data

A Past Workshop about EDA and data exploration.

Some Lessons We Learned Running Cascadia-R 2017

How we started and ran the first PNW Regional R Conference, Cascadia-R

On Breadth and Depth in Your Academic Career

Why Learning and hobbies outside of your field are important.

Fostering a Peer Mentoring Culture

A bit about BioData Club

Statcheck Interview

Interesting interview with the developer of statcheck

Somatic Mutations in Skin Paper

More about somatic mutations in skin cancer.

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