A gRadual intRoduction to Shiny

A Workshop that covers the basics behind learning Shiny.


Ted Laderas

Jessica Minnier

Dar’ya Pozhidayeva

Pierrette Lo


January 28, 2021


This was a two hour workshop given for OHSU BioData Club on 2021-01-28 introducing the basic concepts of Shiny. It runs about two hours long.

There are videos for each part, along with slides. We use an RStudio.cloud project to try the basic Shiny concepts.


Intermediate R users and students. Students should be familiar with {ggplot2}, {dplyr}, and how functions work.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the basic architecture of Shiny Apps
  • Learn how server and ui communicate with the input and output objects
  • Add ggplot2 code to our app and display it with plotOutput and renderOutput
  • Add a control to control the aesthetics of our ggplot
  • Make a reactive dataset using reactive expressions and control it with a slider
  • Use {plotly} to add tooltips to our data
  • Learn about the Shiny Widget Gallery and how to use it to add controls to your app


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