A gRadual intRoduction to Shiny

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A Workshop that covers the basics behind learning Shiny.

Ted Laderas , Jessica Minnier , Dar’ya Pozhidayeva , Pierrette Lo


This was a two hour workshop given for OHSU BioData Club on 2021-01-28 introducing the basic concepts of Shiny. It runs about two hours long.

There are videos for each part, along with slides. We use an RStudio.cloud project to try the basic Shiny concepts.


Intermediate R users and students. Students should be familiar with {ggplot2}, {dplyr}, and how functions work.

Learning Objectives


Workshop Website


For attribution, please cite this work as

Laderas, et al. (2021, Jan. 28). Ted Laderas, PhD: A gRadual intRoduction to Shiny. Retrieved from https://laderast.github.io/edu/2021-03-20-a-gradual-introduction-to-shiny/

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