UK Biobank Webinar: Using JupyterLab


Anastazie Sedlakova


October 19, 2021

Two part webinar on utilizing JupyterLab on the DNAnexus platform.

Learning Objectives (Part 1)

  1. Explain the relationship between JupyterLab and a UKB RAP project 
  2. Select  the appropriate JupyterLab instance given your workflow requirements
  3. Access  files and Jupyter Notebooks from a project into the JupyterLab environment
  4. Run a Jupyter Notebook in the JupyterLab environment and upload results back into the project 
  5. Utilize and install software dependencies into the JupyterLab environment

Video Part 1: JupyterLab Basics

Learning Objectives (Part 1)

  1. Explain the difference between a single JupyterLab instance and a Spark JupyterLab cluster
  2. Explain the basic structure of the RAP Dataset
  3. Access and manipulate RAP Data and cohorts using the dxdata package on Spark JupyterLab
  4. Articulate possible further Spark enabled analyses

Part 2: Using Spark JupyterLab to access phenotype data


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