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I am an Assistant Professor in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology track in the OHSU Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology (BCB/DMICE) and a member of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. My research focus is on the Systems Biology of Complex Diseases. I use integrative modeling approaches across OMICs types to achieve this.

Over twelve years of bioinformatics experience, I have developed methods for low-level preprocessing and high-level analysis of many OMICs types, including expression (especially alternative splicing), phosphoproteomics, proteomics, and genomics. My experience in functional genomics has led me to use models such as Graphical Models and Networks to integrate these many OMICs types into building a unified picture of integrated systems-level dysregulation in complex diseases such as alcoholism and cancer.

Research Interests

Teaching and Mentoring Interests

I have developed a number of self-directed training materials for learning R and specific packages that I’ve found useful. Most of these are available from my github page and may be used freely by students.

Standalone Tutorials

Many of these tutorials have been given through the student club at OHSU that I mentor, called BioData Club. They are all freely available to be reused by other instructors.

R Tutorials

As a developer and programmer of R, I enjoy teaching others about the basics of data wrangling and analysis. Here are a few of the tutorials I’ve put together.

Big Data to Knowledge

As an instructor under OHSU’s Big Data To Knowledge (BD2K) Training Grant, I have also developed the following short workshops to encourage students to explore data and learn the basics of data-wrangling.

Other Teaching Interests

Software Development:

Selected Publications:

Other Interests

I have a parallel career as a composer and performing musician. I started taking cello lessons when I turned 30. I’m a lifelong learner and I love to play with and accompany other musicians. For more information, please see my artist webpage.