Data Scavenger Hunt: NHANES

An introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis using the burro app to explore outcomes using the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) dataset. With Jessica Minnier and Thomas Frohwein.

A gRadual intRoduction to Shiny

A workshop that I’ve given on the basics of building Shiny apps. Given multiple times for PDX R User Group.

A gRadual intRoduction to the tidyverse

A workshop that Chester Ismay and I gave for Cascadia-R teaching the basics of the tidyverse: ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr.

Cardiovascular Risk Workshop

A workshop given for Portland State University students exploring the difficulties of predicting cardiovascular risk using shiny for exploratory data analysis and caret for machine learning. Part 1 and Part 2. With David Dorr

Clinical Data Wrangling Workshop

10 hour/multi-day workshop on understanding clinical data quality issues through both didactic lecturing and active data exploration. With Eilis Boudreau and Nicole Weiskopf. DOI

Exacloud Tutorial

Self paced tutorial for learning about cluster computing using exacloud, the exascale computing cluster at OHSU. Covers simple jobs, batch jobs, and interactive jobs using SLURM.

Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

LearnR tutorial for the OHSU Data Science Institute introducing students to concepts of categorical data analysis. Part of the DSIExplore package authored with Jessica Minnier.

Introduction to Github Pages

A pain free introduction to getting a personal academic website started using GitHub pages. With Robin Champieux, Eric Earl, and Eric Leung.

Introduction to igraph

Introductory workshop to the igraph package in R

The Magic of Markdown

An introduction to the many uses of Markdown, including RMarkdown for reproducible scripting.