Data Scavenger Hunt: NHANES

An introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis using the burro app to explore outcomes using the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) dataset. With Jessica Minnier and Thomas Frohwein.

Flow Dashboard Demo

A Sample App built with the flowDashboard Shiny Modules package. Meant for visualization of high throughput flow cytometry data. Repo

NHANES explorer

A Depression focused shiny app for the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) dataset. Built with burro.

Things we learned teaching clinical data wrangling

Well, we just finished our clinical data wrangling workshop. This was a 12 hour workshop (spread over 4 days) where students got to work with a real research dataset (the Sleep Heart Health Study data). This is a workshop that we developed as part of an National Library of Medicine T15 training supplement in Data Science. The following is a short report describing the workshop and its outcomes. Intended Audience We designed the workshop for our incoming informatics students (both clinical and biological majors) in order to introduce them to the difficulties of working with clinical data.

Introduction to Interactive Visualization

RMarkdown/Shiny slides introducion for our BMI 569669 Data Analytics course to interactive visualizations.

Introduction to Data Literacy

LearnR Tutorial introducing our HSMP Health Informatics Class to data literacy concepts. Based on a great LearnR tutorial from Mikhail Popov. Repo

A gRadual Introduction to Shiny

I just gave a workshop teaching the basics of Shiny (the interactive web visualization framework) for a group of PDX R users. We had 10 people attend, and most of the attendees managed to get through the material and had lots of good questions. I really enjoyed talking with everyone and I hope everyone learned something. We’re planning to give the workshop again to the larger PDX R user community, and some of the attendees last night have volunteered to be TAs.

Decision Tree Explorer

Simple Shiny App to explore decision tree building with the party paackage. Repo

How to Not Be Afraid of Your Data

I’m going to be giving a talk for the PDX RLang Meetup on July 11 called “How to Not Be Afraid of Your Data: Teaching EDA using Shiny”. Abstract below. Many graduate students in the basic sciences are afraid of data exploration and cleaning, which can greatly impact their downstream analysis results. By using a synthetic dataset, some simple dplyr commands, and a shiny dashboard, we teach graduate students how to explore their data and how to handle issues that can arise (missing values, differences in units).

A gRadual intRoduction to Shiny

A workshop that I’ve given on the basics of building Shiny apps. Given multiple times for PDX R User Group.